We offer things that helps people to become and be healthy, in good shape, strong and in suitable size. We follow modern paleo principles. Meaning we strongly consider what is natural for human being. Jet knowledge and use the opportunities that modern world gives us.

We offer:

a) Training (training with guidance; paleotraining with convenient tools, worktraining, gymtraining; trainingroutines, trainingprinciples)

b) Nutrition (nutrition plans with guidance, diet principles for suitable nutrition)

c) Equipment for functional training (plyoboxes, weightchains, traininglogs)

d) Apparel and wearing (sheep wool shoes and hats; sheep wool gloves and socks; yarn, underfelt material)

e) Natural toys (woolen sheep and lambs; wood playing bricks)

f) Chickeneggs (feeding with varied food; homestead chicken)

g) Soon we will offer dry-cured fisch strips and meat (birds and animals).

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