Paleo in our view on the subject that what is the most natural way of being. How in one specific species developed during the course of evolution. Paleo is understood as something that suits the best for one specific species.

In present case we focus on human.

At first, we have to understand that in modern world it is not possible to live authentic paleo life. That’s why it is important to connect paleo and modern life.

Paleo in modern world is something that is based on things that was common in the era of paleolithicum. Jet consists also the benefits of modern days. It means that the two different eras are combined as naturally for human being as possible.  The key elements in that are social environment, physical activity, food and rest.

So, Modern paleo is the natural way of living, using also the amenities of nowadays.



In our definition Modern Paleo means living as we are developed during our evolution. But still using benefits of nowadays. Important aspect at that point is that the human’s actual needs and modern world would cooperate as well as possible.

Modern Paleo consists nutrition, physical activity and proper rest suitable for human. It also means everything related and inbetween these three prenamed critical things of our lives.

Modern paleo is combining the needs, demands and choices  of modern human with the man’s back to the paleolithicum era.